Board of Directors

Bernie Krause, PhD Founder, Wild Sanctuary
Chris Starr, PhD
Biochemist and Founder, Raptor Pharmaceutical
David Morell, PhD
Vice President
Environmental Compliance Consultant, Professor

Ellie Insley, Secretary

Landscape Architect
Bill Friedeman Philanthropy Executive
Jan McFarland Fairhaven Institute, Consultant
Parker Bacon Student Adjunct Board Member

Board of Advisors

Susan Gorin Sonoma County Supervisor
Steve Barbose Attorney, former Sonoma City Council
Chris Benziger Benziger Family Winery
Jared Huffman US Congressman
Steven Jackson CFO Annie’s Foods
Jay Jasperse Sonoma County Water Agency
Dr. Jodi Hilty Wildlife Conservation Society
Bill Lynch Sonoma Index Tribune publisher, ret.
Dr. Rocky Rohwedder Sonoma State University
Mike Thompson U.S. Congressman
Patricia Schultz Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce