Sonoma Valley residents know how lucky they are to have Sugarloaf Ridge State Park – one of the few locally operated state parks in California – right in their own backyard.

From the wildflowers in its fields in springtime, to the famous black bears roaming its interior, Sugarloaf provides crucial habitat to a variety of native wildlife large and small. And its 30-plus miles of hiking trails, numerous waterfalls, gorgeous scenery and 360-degree views make it essential for humans as well, who visit the park in large numbers every day.

To show their abiding appreciation for Sugarloaf, the outdoors enthusiasts at Oakmont Hiking Club are hosting a fundraiser for the park to be held later this month. The event, “Sonoma Salutes Sugarloaf,” will feature high-end wine and appetizers, a delectable four-course meal, and a presentation on the natural sounds of Sugarloaf by world-renowned soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause.

Krause pioneered the field of soundscape ecology, making scrupulous recordings of natural soundscapes from around the world, including several years’ worth from Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. “This is the story of living nature,” Krause said of his recordings. “It’s the story of life. And how that life is becoming threatened by human activity. We need to listen to nature’s voice.” He continues to make recordings at Sugarloaf, and serves on the board of directors of Sonoma Ecology Center, the lead nonprofit of Team Sugarloaf, which manages the park.

“Sonoma Salutes Sugarloaf” is Sunday, Aug. 27, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the East Rec Center in Oakmont Village, located at 7902 Oakmont Dr., Santa Rosa. Tickets are $75 per person with all proceeds going to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, and are available now at Tickets are only on sale until Aug. 21, so buy yours today!


Tickets on Sale for ‘Sonoma Salutes Sugarloaf’ Fundraiser