About Us

Tolay Lake Regional ParkWe address challenges related to water supply and quality, open space, rural character, biodiversity, energy, climate change, and quality of life.

The mission of Sonoma Ecology Center is to work with our community to enhance and sustain ecological health in Sonoma Valley.

Since 1990, we’ve worked to increase appreciation and stewardship of Sonoma Valley’s natural heritage and create measurable benefits in areas of land, water, climate change, and biodiversity.

Our programs are:

  • Research to understand the condition of Sonoma Valley and the Sonoma Creek watershed.
  • Education to support sustainable practices and create future leadership for Sonoma Valley.
  • Restoration to repair damage to waterways, natural habitats, and publicly accessible open spaces.
  • Preservation to protect our natural heritage and public lands.
  • Data & Mapping (GIS) Services using technology to manage and share environmental information for greater efficacy and impact.
The Case for Ecology in Sonoma Valley

Light thru the Tree
Sonoma Valley has is home to an amazing biodiversity (variety of flora and fauna). About 1/4th of California’s biodiversity exists within this compact region, which comprises just 1/10th of 1% of California’s entire land area! The challenge? The Valley is mostly privately owned.

Sonoma Ecology Center strives to achieve meaningful change through education, inspiration and action! Negotiation and collaboration are the hallmarks of our approach to helping Sonoma Valley residents become good stewards of our land and waters. By working together for the common good, we can achieve a truly sustainable Sonoma Valley!

Our values include:

  • Collaboration: We believe that a cooperative, partnership-building, nonpartisan approach is most successful.
  • Information: We believe the community makes better decisions when we provide trustworthy, science-based information.
  • Grassroots: We believe that durable change happens through community leadership and local involvement.
  • Creativity: We believe that for every problem, we can help find common-ground solutions and alternatives.
  • Stewardship: We support agriculture and the 10,000-year tradition of stewardship in Sonoma Valley.
  • Leadership: We identify and create models, techniques, and tools that others can use.

For a timeline of our activities and successes, please see Sonoma Ecology Center At-a-Glance